Phonetic Cherokee:           Ku-wi-sku-wi, Tsa-la-gi  A-tse-nu-sti
English:Coo-wee-scoo-wee, Cherokee Messenger

= O-si-yo = Hello


Welcome to my site, my name is "Kuwiskuwi"
(also written in English as Cooweescoowee)
aka -Bruce Ross by most

For those of you that do not know the Cherokee language, O-si-yo means 'Hello.'  My Cherokee name is -- Kuwiskuwi, NOTE: There is no literal translation for the name Kuwiskuwi, however most interpretations include some reference to a bird and most often a large white bird, i.e. a heron, egret but most times a 'Great White Bird of Uncommon Occurrence.' Although most people prefer to use my Anglo, name Bruce Ross, and yet others, oft times, refer to me as Tsalagi Atsenusti or Cherokee Messenger.

I am an enrolled Tribal Member of the Cherokee Nation of OKlahoma (Registry No. CO-53097).  As a Cherokee Historian, Genealogist and Public Speaker, several people have come to  call me a Storyteller.  Tho' the stories I tell are more of a historical nature.  Most of my 'stories' stem from personal recollections of conversations with either family members or other tribal elders rather than stories of creation or those created to teach through the subtle morals of the stories.  I don't see myself as a storyteller, per se ~ I actually consider myself more of a traditionalist, and only try to relate the history of my people and my family as accurately and entertainingly as possible, to help educate the uninformed of the world events which have molded the Cherokee into the people we are today.

With no steady 'gigs' in the offing, and to keep the hounds away from my door, food on the table, clothes on my back and a roof over my head, I have been forced to take on a full-time job.  It's kinda funny how creditors, for some odd reason, like regular payments, therefore I am currently living and working in Arizona, yet pining for the peacefulness of the woods and rivers of Cherokee County, OKlahoma.

It is my intent that once you've finished going through the rest of my site (accessible through any of the links below) you will, hopefully, have your interest piqued enough to learn more of both the continuous plight and progress of the Cherokee Nation and my people, the Cherokee.

It is also most desirous that you will find the answers to your questions.  Or even better ~ you might even start asking questions, or at the very least get pointed in the right direction to find your answers.  If you need / want any assstance you may feel free to contact me as indicated below.

If you should be interested in downloading the Cherokee font to your computer, feel free to do so right here.

PLEASE NOTE:  There has been some talk of holding a Ross Family reunion in 2013.  If you are reading this and know any descendants of Chief John Ross, please pass the word along, and have them get in touch with me for information as it develops.  I will post details as they come in.  Plans are only in the talking stage at this time, and nothing specific is set.  Without a lot of effort by a lot of people, we may have to hold off until 2014, but hopefully it can be held in conjunction with Cherokee Holiday on Labor Day weekend..  If anyone is interested in helping with setting this up, please let me know..(contact info. below)


I hope you have enjoyed my site and if you should have any comments
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=Wa-do = Thank you

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Last update:  September 4, 2013